Sunset, Texas




         HEALTH GUARENTEES : All animals are guarenteed healthy when they leave my farm.

 If the buyer wants tests or veterinary certificates they must pay all fees

        involved, in advance, to the veterinarian providing the services.

                 Refunds will be offered only upon recieving veterinary confirmation

including test results, x-rays etc proving that said animal was diseased/injured


Mild "shipping fever" type ailments are not included.

        "Pink Eye" infections will not be granted refunds if the animal was delivered

at or immediately after a show, or if the animal was transported by a third party.

                  All breeding animals are guarenteed fertile, and upon veterinary confirmation            

  the animal will be replaced with one of equal value.


              PAYMENT POLICY : Animals must be paid for in full before delivery.

I will gladly set up a payment schedule with you.

               Checks, money orders, and cash are accepted. In the event of payment

                   by check, the check must have the following information on it :

driver's license number and expiration date, 

                         date of birth, physical address (no P.O. boxes) and telephone number.                  

     If you have something to trade, talk to me and maybe we can make a deal.

                                        I'm willing to trade for hay, goat or farming equipment or ???                                 

                            DEPOSITS : I require a $50.00 deposit on all animals.

This is refundable ONLY in the event that said animal dies prior to         

                            delivery to the buyer, or if the desired sex kid is not born.           

                                        I do not guarentee quality of kid or color of eyes.  


                       CONTACT ME AT :  or (940) 845-4406.


 Home address is 482 Spur 511, Sunset, TX. 76270


                   Take a peek to see who I have for sale now or check the kidding schedule to see

who's still preggers. By all means feel free to contact me if you see

                   someone you want a kid from, or if you just want to  talk goats.  

I am ALWAYS happy to talk goats. Thanks! 



       NEWS FLASH : my doe herd tested negative for CAE and CL on April 2,2009

      Tests conducted by Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab

    click here for result 



               GOATS FOR SALE



 All wethers are $50, with discounts for 4-H youth. If you are interested in a kid

 I am offering as a buckling as a wether, I will take your name and call you if

 he does not sell as a buck by the time he is weaned. All wethers are sold with

"wether only" registration applications and must be wethered before leaving my farm.



These does can be seen on the Doe Page. There are several others who

will be sold; I don't consider these 'show goats' but they would make

wonderful 'starter' goats for someone new to the goat world. Package

deals are definitly a possibility, and anyone buying a doe with  wether

kids still nursing gets her kids for free.


(I also have several other goats for sale who aren't on the website yet.

Contact me for details if you don't see what you want. With the drought,

I am definitly open to trading for good quality hay.)




Nothing at this time


Nothing at this time