Sunset, Texas


                These are just a few of my babies....this page will be added to, as I find old photos of kids now grown and gone,

               and take new pictures, of new kids who are still a gleam in thier daddy's eye. Check back from time to time , and

               see who's here!




 My first kid by my gorgous buck, Hill Country TB My Tae*S...his momma is

 Deb P's Tupelo I think My Tae gets to keep his if I can

 just convince him to give me girls instead of boys! This handsome lad's

 barn name is Big Bird, for my GoatBeat friend Imalilbirdie.






 And this handsome little hunk of goat is his twin brother Yellow Bird. (Have no

 idea what their registered names will actually be yet.) This gorgous pair were

 born on Sept. 27, 2009.










This pretty little lady is Centerfield, by My Tae and out of

 Bobby McGee. She's staying in my herd, woohoo and yippee!










 This is Centerfield's brother, Put Me In Coach.

 My Tae gets to keep his job...oh boy howdy does that buck

 get to keep his job!!!











 Well, looks like someone heard me asking for some

 My Tae daughters, because on Nov. 13 '09 these

 flashy little beauties came out to play! Their momma

 is Steele Ballew Snak Pack.







 This beauty is Spindletop, also by My Tae and out of Blackberry Merlot. She's also

 staying in my herd!








 And this little doll is her sister, who is for sale. Probably. Maybe.













 And now how's this for handsome? He's by - yep, you guessed it,

 My Tae; and out of Chrisi Bell...and he's already sold so wipe the

 drool off your keyboard. Name's Waylon, by the way...











 And this is Hummingbird, out of  Pecan Hollow Morning Dove and by

 My Tae. She's just 11 days old and it was kinda cold and windy that

 morning, so she's a little chilly.








This is her sister My Little Chickadee....she was cold too. But that's what

 happens when you're born in February. (I usually don't breed for

 February kids; I must have had a good reason for doing it this time but

 for the life of me I don't remember what it was - and whatever it was it

 wasn't good enough! The weather was absolutley putrid that day

 (Feb. 7, '10); cold, windy, and wet. Morning Dove had trouble kidding

 so I was running in and out, from the house to the barn, all day and well

  into the night, and ended up with a severe case of  bronchitis! No more

 February kids for me, that's for sure!!!)




 Now is this sassy little tart gorgous or what?  She's by

 Teacup's Presidential Caliber and out of Pecan Hollow Morning dove,

 one of triplets born on Jan. 19, '09. As of right now (Jan 27) I still haven't

 settled on the perfect name for her but when I do I'll let you know.

 (She's Lonesome Dove, to honor both her mom, Morning Dove, and

 her sire's granddam, Lonesome Dove.)








                  This little sweetie is the sister of the little doll up above. Her

                  name is Deb P's Swan.










          Isn't he handsome? His daddy is Teacup's Presidential Caliber

          and his momma is Dill's B Lil Lady. Pity he turned his head just

          as I snapped this picture - you can't see his pretty blue eyes!










  I haven't settled on a name yet for this guy....he was born on 9/12/08,

  by Teacup's Presidential Caliber and out of Lil Brown Jug Sherry.

  Do I really need to say anything other than 'wow!' ?






      This precious little girl is Deb P's Fawn, by Teacup's Presidential Caliber

       and out of Dill's B Lil Lady. She and her two brothers were born on

       Sept. 9, 2008.













                    These little dolls are "Corky", the blond, who's by

                   Deb P's Tejas De Oro and out of Highland Dove In

                   The Window, and her chamoisee niece, Americana,

                   by Teacup's Presidential Caliber (Corky's half-brother)

                  and out of Deb P's Tupelo Honey. They were both born

                  on Sept. 5, 2008.




  Proud momma Buffalo Clover Birthday Girl and one of her twin does

 by Deb P's Louis L'Amour, Deb P's Steel Magnolia, born 6/19/08.










 And here's the other little girl, Deb P's Amazing Grace.









 I was tempted to name this little girl "Now That's Flashy", for obvious reasons....she's by

 Pride Of Texas Pierre and out of Teacup's Bobby McGee, born 1/28/08.






                                                  Here's her close-up.....I don't know if it can get cuter than this.








This little face belongs to her twin brother. He's a cutie-pie too!!!!

His name is Deb P's Cotton-Eyed Joe, and after he grew up his

friend Chandler Gift helped him win Reserve Champion Wether

at the 2009 Kauffman County Junior Livestock Show!







 Here's what the rest of him looks like....not half bad!







And this is Deb P's Highwayman, born 1/27/08, who got his pretty blue eyes from his

momma, Teacup's Here Comes That Rainbow, and his splashy black and white

paint pattern from his daddy, Pride Of Texas Pierre. He won Grand Champion Junior

Buck at the Lonestar Goat Club Show during the 2008 Texas State Fair!








 Same boy, different view....his daddy never fails to throw flashy kids.

 This is about as close to 'solid-colored' as he gets. I think I can live with that!









This is his twin brother, Deb P's!

Even flashier!










 He got his daddy's brown eyes, though......but that's okay. He's still a hottie!!!









      This is Deb P's Dixieland Delight, born on March 23, 2007. (Twin Creeks TA Cajun Thunder x Teacup's

      Bobby McGee)

       Sold - thanks, Tera!



            Deb P's Magdalene, born 4/10/07 and retained in my herd....sorry, y'all, but

            this one's MINE!!  (Dav-Lyn Bill-E-Clin-Ton x Half Pint Acres Mighty Aphrodite)






 This little cutie, Deb P's Minuette, now belongs to

Wendy.....thanks! (Dav-Lyn Bill-E-Clin-Ton x Half Pint Acres Dan-CN-Diva)




                                                        And look who's being bashful....Deb P's Turtledove. (Dav-Lyn Bill-E-Clin-Ton x

                                                        Highland Dove In The Window) Sold....darn it.





 Hello, world! my name's Deb P's Rainy Day Woman and as soon as I get dried off

I'm gonna take you on! (Teacup's Presidential Caliber x Lili Brown Jug Sherry)

This pretty lady, born 12/11/07, is being retained in my herd. That means hands off, y'all!






Rainy Day Woman, all dried off.....can you say, "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" ?

The judge at the Lonestar Goat Club Show during the 2008 Texas

State Fair could - she also said Grand Champion Junior Doe!!!










 Dill's Be Lil Lady with daughter Deb P's Joyeux Noele (L) and son   

 Deb P's Rudolph (R) born early Christmas morning, 2007! Daddy is

 Twin Creeks TA Cajun Thunder, by the way.









Here's Noele at almost a whole week old, exploring the barn. In April of 2009 she

explored the ring at the Kauffman County Junior Livestock Show and won first place!








  Her brother "Rudolph", who stold Beth W.'s heart with one glance from his

   pretty blue eyes, and now lives at her house.











                                          They brought him over to visit when he was not quite 3 weeks old....

                                           he sure is growing up handsome!